Tenant Relations and Community Building

Communication and cooperation to create pleasant and productive work and living environments for all


Tenant Improvement “Fit out”

When a deal is inked, the sooner the tenant can move in, the sooner our client’s revenue stream begins. Nichols Management is partnered with our sister company, Nichols Contracting, Inc. and, we are able to respond to the needs of our clients quickly


Leasing Services

Maintain building occupancy levels by generating new tenancies and extending and expanding existing lease


Building Systems Management

Maintenance and code compliance for all building systems including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, elevator, fire alarm and sprinkler. Checks are made to ensure proper and safe operation of all systems to avoid interruption of service and ensure longevity of building equipment.


Building Services Management

Search for competitive pricing for quality services. Ensure that the services are provided to the highest standards. Services include landscape maintenance and modification, parking maintenance and management, custodial services, waste management, storm water facility maintenance and management, green roof maintenance and modification


Physical Plant Management

Regular site inspections and preventative and corrective maintenance improve the appearance and functionality of all aspects of the physical property offering appealing, comfortable and safe environments for the users of the space.


Energy Management

Search and contract for competitive energy pricing. Take environmentally friendly measures with respect to the electrical and plumbing systems to lessen the carbon footprint. Implement conservation solutions where possible such as green roofs and recycled materials.



 We offer a broad range of development services from site analysis, planning and design, financial forecasting, document generation, permitting and construction management. For examples of our current developments work,